On AIDS, the State, and Politics

Sexual laborers and entrepreneurial women: Articulating collective identity in India’s HIV/AIDS response. 2019. Social Problems.

Collective demands and secret codes: The multiple uses of “community” in “community mobilization.”  2018. World Development.

On Sex Work and Activism

Is sex work sex or work? Forming collective identity in Bangalore.  2018. Qualitative Sociology.

“As human beings and as workers”: Sex worker unionization in Bangalore, India. 2015. Global Labour Journal. (with Shubha Chacko and Subadra Panchanadeswaran)

-Reprinted in Redefined Labour Spaces: Organising Workers in Post-Liberalised India, edited by Sobin George and Shalini Sinha. 2018. Routledge India.

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Unionizing sex workers: The Karnataka experience. 2016. Studies in Law, Politics, and Society. (with Subadra Panchanadeswaran, Shubha Chacko, and Andy Bhanot)

Indian sex workers more than vectors of disease. 2013. The Feminist Wire.

Marriage equality: A view from India. 2013. The Feminist Wire.

On Feminism

Politicizing gender: Feminist movements. 2018. In The Social Life of Gender: From Analysis to Critique, edited by Jennifer Carlson, Abigail Andrews, and Raka Ray.  Sage Publications. (with Katherine Maich)

UNiting women around the globe.  2011.  Latin America Review.

On Gender, the Knowledge Economy, and Urbanization

“I’ll be like water”: Gender, class, and flexible aspirations at the edge of India’s knowledge economy. 2013. Gender & Society 27(6): 777-798.

The 21st century Indian city: Towns, metros, and the Indian economy. 2014. Economic and Political Weekly 49(11):18-21. (with Sanchita Saxena)



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